Date Compliments for Men

Believe it or not, men love to get compliments just as much as women do. This is why date compliments for men are something that you should pay close attention to. Whenever a woman does not just sit back and wait for a guy to compliment her he is going to be more impressed with her. A relationship is give and take, this means that even while dating you need to make sure that you are able to compliment him back.


Of course every man loves to hear how good looking he is. Tell him things like how much you like his smile or how great his hair looks. You can even throw him a line telling him how pretty his eyes are. A guy that is given compliments will usually light up like a Christmas tree because it feels good to hear a compliment, no matter what gender you are.

Sense of Humor

Guys will often pride themselves on their sense of humor. It will mean a lot to him if you take the time to notice. Don’t think that just because you are laughing at his jokes that this is enough. Many women will giggle at everything a man says just because they don’t know what to say. You can let him know that your laugh is genuine.


There are a lot of random compliments that you can pay him as well. Compliment the way he smells or his style of dress. Even something as simple as his car or his home or career will be enough to get him to glow.

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